Courses – August Semester

Course ID   Credit Title FOS
AT80.01 3(2.0-3.0) Information and Communication Technology Applications: Users and Producers  ICT
AT80.04 3(3.0-0) ICT Applications: Strategies and Technology Road-mapping  ICT
AT80.9001 3(30-45) Selected Topic: Information and Communication Technology Applications: Users and Producers  ICT
AT80.9004 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Social Software for E-Learning  ICT
AT77.01 3(3.0-0) Telecommunication networks  TC
AT77.02 3(2.0-3.0) Signals, systems and Stochastic Processes  TC
AT77.03 3(2.0-3.0) Digital Transmission Technologies  TC
AT77.04 3(3.0-0) Data Communications  TC
AT77.05 3(2.5- 1.5) Teletraffic Engineering  TC
AT77.10 3(2.0-3.0) Cellular Network Planning  TC
AT77.11 3(2.0-3.0) Digital Modulation Techniques  TC
AT77.12 3(2.5-1.5) Switching Systems  TC
AT77.15 3(3.0-0) Satellite Communications  TC
AT77.16 3(2.0-3.0) Digital Signal Processing  TC
AT77.9011 3(3.0-0) Selected Topic: Optimization Communications and Networks  TC
AT71.03 3(45-0) E-Business Development and Technology  CSIM
AT71.9001 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Information Visualization  CSIM
AT70.01 3(45-0) Computer Organization and Architecture  CSIM
AT70.02 3(45-0) Data Structure and Algorithms  CSIM
AT70.03 3(45-0) Theory of Computing  CSIM
AT70.04 3(30-45) Object Oriented Analysis and Design  CSIM
AT70.05 3(45-0) Computer Networks  CSIM
AT70.06 3(30-45) Java Technologies  CSIM
AT70.10 3(45-0) Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence  CSIM
AT70.9009 3(30-45) Selected Topic: Web Application Engineering  CSIM
AT76.03 3(30-45) Remote Sensing  RS&GIS
AT71.01 3(45-0) Database Design  CSIM
AT71.02 3(45-0) Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval  CSIM