Inter Semester /August

Course ID Credit Title FOS          
AT70.11 3(45-0) Personalization in E-Business  CSIM
AT70.13 3(45-0) Computer Security  CSIM
AT70.19 3(45-0) Software Development and Quality Improvement  CSIM
AT70.9002 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics and Related Area  CSIM
AT70.9003 2(30-0) Selected Topic: Computer Organization and Architecture  CSIM
AT70.9004 2(15-45) Selected Topic: Object Oriented Analysis and Design  CSIM
AT70.9005 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Intelligent User Interfaces  CSIM
AT70.9006 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Semantic Web  CSIM
AT70.9007 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Introduction to Machine Vision for Robotics and HCI  CSIM
AT70.9008 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Security, Multiagent Systems, Trust and Online Trading Mechanisms  CSIM
AT70.9011 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Machine Vision for Robotics and HCI  CSIM
AT70.9012 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Security, Trust and Repuration  CSIM
AT77.9013 1(1.0-0) Network Simulation and Modeling Using NS2(Network Simulator 2)  TC
AT77.9014 3(3.0-0) Selected Topic: Mathematics for Telecommunications  TC