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AIT offers financial aid for the Master’s and Doctoral degree programs, on a competitive basis, to applicants who are outstandingly qualified and to applicants who have strong academic backgrounds and proven financial need. The AIT financial aid is only applicable for students accepted for admission to the Asian Institute of Technology.

About 60% of students admitted to AIT receive full financial aid and about 80% of students admitted receive sufficient financial aid to cover at least half of the cost of their studies.

The aid is intended to meet some of the basic expenses and to help defray but not to fully cover the study costs at AIT. It is expected that students supplement this aid from their own or non-AIT resources. The financial support does not normally include air travel grants.

Applicants requiring financial aid must fill out the Application for AIT Financial Aid form (Form 3), provide details on their employment, their personal and family incomes, and also submit a one-page essay on their reasons for seeking support. It is also useful that students explain how they can contribute to the development of their home country and the region after completing their studies at AIT.


  • AIT Scholarships are provided by Institute partners: governments, international funding agencies, foundations and corporate/private organizations. These are allocated according to partners’ specific conditions. The scholarships may cover tuition and fees, a monthly bursary towards the cost of books, food and miscellaneous expenses as well as standard accommodation rent on campus. Other forms of scholarships not awarded by AIT but administered by the Institute are normally provided in the same way. Since students are made aware of the condition of the grant, once accepted, the terms of the scholarships are not open to further negotiation.
  • Students on AIT scholarships must be in full-time attendance for the period of their award, except during approved leave(s). Financial aid is terminated if the student is dismissed or for other reasons upon the recommendation of a Disciplinary Committee and the approval of the School Dean or the President.
  • Awards are made for a stated number of semesters of study, normally four for the Master’s and six for the Doctoral degree program. If for any reason the course of study is extended beyond the period of time specified in the award, the recipient is responsible for meeting all costs associated with the extension. Under certain circumstances, an exemption may be granted for tuition fee but not for registration and other associated fees. The student must initiate a request for exemption in writing through his/her Advisor or through the Chairperson of the Program Committee and the Field of Study Coordinator. The approval of the School Dean is required before an exemption is granted.
  • A scholarship student who, of his/her own accord and without AIT’s approval, leaves the Institute before completing his/her program of study is liable to repay all or part of the scholarship award.
  • The AIT scholarship is disbursed and administered by the Institute and any unspent funds due to dismissal or resignation are either returned to the partner/donor or reallocated at a later date upon the recommendation and approval of the partner/donor.

1. Bursary Grants

  • Students on scholarship with bursary must open an account with the bank on campus as the bursary is directly deposited into the student’s bank account.
  • The bursary is a partial contribution for books, food, and living expenses such as accommodation and utilities. Students normally find it necessary to supplement the bursary from their own funds.
  • The length of a scholarship awards varies and the bursary may be awarded for the normal study period – 4 semesters for the Master’s degree program or 6 semesters for the Doctoral degree program. In some cases, the scholarship covers only a part of the study period.
  • If a student voluntarily discontinues attendance, the bursary is stopped three days after the cessation of full-time attendance or, in the semester break, three days after the date of departure from AIT.
  • If dismissed, a student is given a grace period ten days after dismissal before the bursary is stopped.
  • Students required to travel outside Thailand to conduct research or on exchange program may advance their bursary equivalent to the period of research or off-campus assignment but not exceeding one semester.

2. Travel Grants

  • The financial support does not normally include air travel grants unless specifically stipulated in donor conditions. However, students receiving travel grants are entitled to air travel only to the international airport nearest to their home (economy class). The travel grants cannot be used for any purpose other than travel to the students’ home country.
  • Eligibility for return air travel ceases 30 days after completion of the program of study. Travel grants include air tickets; they are not convertible to cash.
  • Arrangements for home air travel are made through the Scholarships Unit.

3. Research Grants

  • If awarded, research grants are provided to support student thesis/research study. The use of research grants must conform to relevant Policy and Procedures and donor conditions.

4. Medical Insurance

  • If awarded, the Medical Insurance refers to the standard plan which covers certain costs of hospitalization, outpatient treatment, dental as well as life plus personal accident but not major medical expenses.

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Fellowships at the Master’s and Doctoral degree programs are awarded based on need or merit. Tenable only for study at AIT, fellowships waive tuition fees for a fixed number of credits.

Fellowships granted upon merit are given on the basis of cumulative GPA and class rank in previous degree(s). Students who receive fellowships upon need are evaluated based on salary statements prior to study and the income statements of spouse and parents.

Under the scheme, students pay tuition fees for credits in earlier semesters while AIT waives the tuition fees for credits covered in the fellowships in later semesters.

  • Candidates selected for fellowships are:

    • given assurance of financial support before enrolment and
    • provided with opportunities for part-time employment as Student Assistants/Associates. The assistantship program is directed towards needy to help finance their living expenses while at AIT. Students are eligible for employment only after the successful completion of their first semester of studies .
  • Students with fellowships have to shoulder registration and associated fees as well as living costs.
  • The fellowship is non-transferable.

However, students provided with Royal Thai Government (RTG) Fellowships receive waivers for both tuition and registration fees for certain semesters at AIT. RTG Fellowships are given to qualified applicants from Thailand and Greater Mekong Sub region countries.