Courses – January Semester

Course ID Credit Title  FOS
AT77.06 3(3.0-0) Multimedia Communication Systems  TC
AT77.07 3(3.0-0) Cellular Mobile Systems  TC
AT77.08 3(2.5-1.5) Network Planning  TC
AT77.09 3(3.0-0) Error Control Coding  TC
AT77.13 3(2.0-3.0) Digital Communications  TC
AT77.14 3(2.0-3.0) Fiber- Optic Components and Systems  TC
AT77.9002 3(3.0-0) Selected Topic: Network QoS  TC
AT77.9003 3(3.0-0) Selected Topic: Advanced Wireless Communication Systems  TC
AT77.9006 3(3.0-0) Selected Topic: Optical Network  TC
AT77.9008 3(3.0-0) Selected Topic: Advanced Signal Processing For Wireless Communications  TC
AT77.9009 3(3.0-0) Selected Topic: Discrete-Time Statistical Signal Processing  TC
AT77.9010 3(3.0-0) Selected Topic: Multiuser detection  TC
AT80.02 3(30-45) Information and Communication Technologies Applications: Project Design
AT80.03 3(30-45) ICT Application: Project Implementation  ICT
AT80.9002 3(30-45) Selected Topic: ICT Applications: Project Design  ICT
AT80.9003 3(30-45) Selected Topic: ICT Application: Project Implementation  ICT
AT71.04 3(30-45) Decision Support Technologies  CSIM
AT71.05 3(45-0) Information Systems Development and Management  CSIM
AT71.06 3(30-45) Human Computer Interaction  CSIM
AT70.07 3(45-0) Programming Languages and Compilers  CSIM
AT70.08 3(45-0) Operating Systems  CSIM
AT70.09 3(45-0) Computer Graphics and Animation  CSIM
AT70.12 3(30-45) Web Application Engineering  CSIM
AT70.14 3(45-0) Managing Information Technology  CSIM
AT70.15 3(45-0) Advanced Topics in Internet Technology  CSIM
AT70.16 3(45-0) Computational Geometry and Applications  CSIM
AT70.17 3(45-0) XML Foundations, Techniques and Applications  CSIM
AT70.18 3(45-0) Software Architecture Design  CSIM
AT70.9001 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Advanced Topics in Databases  CSIM
AT70.9010 3(45-0) Selected Topic: Network and Service Management  CSIM
AT70.10 3(45-0) Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence  CSIM
AT76.01 3(30-45) Geographic Information Systems Intelligence  RS&GIS
AT76.06 3(30-45) Advanced Technologies in GIS  RS&GIS
AT76.09 3(30-45) Digital Image Processing in Remote Sensing  RS&GIS
 AT76.10  3(30-45)  Advanced Remote Sensing  RS&GIS